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Travel Log

My first day hunting in Xihe and I accidentally shot a friendly. It immediately put a bounty on my head and I had to emergency jump out of the system and pay it off before I was shot out of the galaxy. The nearest neutral station was three jumps away, so I decided to try and dock at Zhen and just hope they didn't scan me before I had time to dock. Enjan told me it was possible, and that he's done it several times, but it was still a ridiculous rush of fear and adrenaline trying it myself. It was super risky, but I made it.

5 APR 3301 // CMDR Perin

I said goodbye to the Sidewinder today. We decided to leave the Kremainn system and head 38.89Ly away to Xihe, and I was genuinely afraid she wouldn't make it. I bought a brand new Viper ship, worth 142,931CR. It's strange to think that littler under a month ago I had 3000CR to my name. I spent a bit more on outfitting her, and my only regret is that I didn't get the model with the AI. Perhaps next time.

3 APR 3301 // CMDR Perin

Orion has convinced me to try my hand at bounty hunting. My sidewinder and I can't do too much, but they stay close to make sure I don't get blown to smithereens. I see now why they laughed at me when I'd collect their spare parts for salvage. In one day of hunting I've made an entire month's worth of salvage earnings.

15 MAR 3301 // CMDR Perin

After about a month of following Enjan & Viper around picking up the scraps they leave behind, we've decided to create our own faction: Orion's Legacy. We're small, but I like it. We dock together at Wohler, enjoy rec time together at the archaic game centre, and then we're back at the hunt. Speaking of the AGC, I tried racquetball for the first time and it was fantastic.

25 FEB 3301 // CMDR Perin

The sidewinder shakes violently whenever we jump that I swear I feel like it's going to tear apart from the inside out. I ran into the bounty hunters again while out on a salvage, and I identified myself & intentions over comms so they didn't shoot me. They are a pretty funny pair.

28 JAN 3301 // CMDR Perin

Sometimes I leave the sidewinder to grab a hot meal, and today while eating lunch I overheard two pilots chatting about their most recent bounties. They've been hunting around where I salvage. I realized for the first time, hunched over my soup, the cargo and scrap ship pieces floating around the Kremainn belts I pick up is from ships that these pilots, and others like them, destroyed for the bounty. I don't know why I never thought it through before now. Do clean ways to make a living even exist?

15 JAN 3301 // CMDR Perin

The sidewinder has started making a groaning sound at night. Sometimes I joke that she's buckling with the weight of my dreams. Frankly I'm amazed she's lasted as long as she has, she's carried me so far and through so much, but I just need her to hang in there for a while longer.

5 JAN 3301 // CMDR Perin

The Carina Expedition

NGC 3372

10h 45m 08.5s, −59° 52′ 04″

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